Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia Procure Electricity Trading Platforms in the First Half of 2021

Photo-illustration: Unsplash (Fre Sonneveld)

The National Electricity Market Operator of North Macedonia, MEMO, and the Montenegrin Power Exchange, BELEN, launched this week public tenders for the selection of a service provider for the operation of the day-ahead market.

The deadline to submit offers to provide services to MEMO is 22. June 2021. and to submit offers to BELEN is 26. May 2021.

Operationalisation of MEMO and BELEN, including drafting of tender documents for selection of a service provider, was supported through the Technical Assistance to Connectivity in the Western Balkans, implemented by the Energy Community Secretariat and funded by the European Commission.

The objective of these projects was to facilitate the establishment of day-ahead markets in North Macedonia and Montenegro as a key precondition to enable coupling with neighbouring markets in line with the EU target model.

The Albanian power exchange, ALPEX, launched earlier a tender to procure services for operating day-ahead and intraday markets of Albania and Kosovo, which is closing on 17. May 2021.

Source: Energy Community