Since the establishment of the Energy Portal, we have tried to provide investors with all the information necessary for the successful implementation of projects in the fields of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

In 2021, the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on Energy, the Law on Energy Efficiency and Rational Use of Energy, and the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources. The adoption of these laws encourages significant investments in the construction of solar power plants and wind farms.

The Ministry of Mining and Energy supervises the implementation of these laws. On their website, you can find all the steps that are necessary for the implementation of RES projects. Serbian Power Distribution Company is in charge of connecting power plants to the distribution system. See detailed instructions here.

The recommendation of the Energy Portal when it comes to engineering and design services is the company CEEFOR. At the same time, for the execution of works and maintenance of power plants, our favorite is the company MT-KOMEX.