All for One, CEEFOR for All

The company  CEEFOR was founded in 2010 in Belgrade. At their disposal, customers have a diverse team of more than 20 professionals with many years of work experience – from mechanical, electrical and civil engineers, through technology engineers, architecture, traffic and fire protection, to economic and financial experts, translators and philologists.


By completing tasks in the field of energy technologies, CEEFOR reduced not only its customers costs but also emissions of harmful substances and gases, making the company one of the domestic economic elites pursuing social responsibility.

In addition to the two obvious fields of activity, sustainable development and energy efficiency, the company also offers consulting and design services in the field of renewable energy, in which its contribution to reducing the carbon footprint is particularly prominent.

By designing solar power plants, wind power plants, biogas power plants and hydropower plants, CEEFOR has “enriched” the energy mix of Serbia and the region with more than 100 pure megawatts and has positioned itself as a forerunner of the fossil fuel phase out in our market and an innovator.

Energy-efficient solutions, whose implementation was contributed by a group of CEEFOR employees, include two 2 MW solar power plants in Kladovo and a solar power plant on the roof of the IKEA department store in Belgrade.

The team of engineers also worked on the investmenttechnical documentation for a 9.9 MW solar power plant for the Electric Power Industry of Serbia as well as for a wind farm in Kostolac with a total installed capacity of 66 MW was also designed. Kostolac windmills are expected to supply about 30.000 Serbian households.

The Petroleum Industry of Serbia also hired CEEFOR and one of the projects implemented for the period from 2013 to 2015 was the design, obtaining permits and technical inspection of cogeneration and gas power plant in the municipalities of Kanjiza, Srbobran and Veliko Gradiste. They provided a multinational corporation from France, Suez, focused on operations in water, electricity, natural gas and waste management sectors, with the preliminary design, the conceptual design, and the project for building permit for a landfill gas power plant in Vinca.


On top of that, the company is an authorized consultant for the Green for Growth Fund and ProCredit Bank, the first domestic user to be guaranteed the “renewable” origin of the consumed electricity by the Electric Power Industry of Serbia. Part of the energy needs will be potentially met from biogas plants with cogenerations from Stara Pazova (600 kW), Sombor (999 kW) and Cestereg (600 kW), whose designing also involved CEEFOR employees.

Whether you hire a company as a reliable consultant for energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, or as a direct partner in the design of studies, projects and project documentation, you can count on the dedicated work of CEEFOR employees to find a practical and long-lasting solution adjusted to your requirements and capabilities.

When you put your trust in the expert hands of specialists, there is no need to worry that it could be abused, only that your expectations will be exceeded. The list of CEEFOR’s current clients is long, and, in the future, you can enrol in it.

Prepared by: Jelena Kozbasic

This article was published in the new issue of the Energy portal Magazine  GRINNOVATIONS, December 2019 – February 2020.