Belgrade’s Motorshow Belgrade 12 – 15 May 

Foto: Beogradski sajam

The Belgrade Car Show is an event that everyone is looking forward to. The Covid pandemic has led to the cancellation of this event in 2020 and 2021 to the great disappointment of both exhibitors and visitors. New technologies, electric cars and hybrids will be the focus of this year’s fair.

According to the organizers of this year’s car show, there is a great interest of participants, media, experts, and the public, both in the country and region. 

“Practically, after a three-year break, the upcoming event means the continuation of the sequel of car and motorcycle shows at the Belgrade Fair. The last Car and Motorcycle Show was held in 2019, and in 2020, ten days before the start, a fully prepared event was canceled due to a pandemic” says the Belgrade Fair. 

This year’s car show in one segment will significantly differ from the previous ones. The automotive industry is at a major technological milestone but at the same time in great trouble. In general, the demand for new vehicles currently exceeds the existing supply. Due to problems with the supply of some key components (semiconductors – chips, but also aluminum parts), there was a big delay in the finalization of production and the lack of new vehicles on the global market. Delivery deadlines are uncertain, they are getting longer and longer, and are often broken.

“Due to the current situation, importers and distributors of vehicles at this year’s Car Show, unlike previous editions, do not prioritize the affirmation of the sale of new cars. They give priority to presenting environmentally advanced vehicles, electric models, hybrids, light hybrids and new vehicle models with conventional propulsion (petrol and diesel), which are supposed to have been improved in terms of reducing the emission of harmful exhaust materials”, the organizers state. 

Car and motorcycle shows are primarily business events but also media attractions. Thus, the visitors of this event will have the opportunity to enjoy the attractive accompanying contents. Some of them have become traditional over time, such as the test drive of electric motorcycles and bicycles on specially arranged training grounds, the skills test for safe driving and prize games, as well as the selection for the Car Show Miss.

Keeping in mind the changed concept and format of the event, the Belgrade Fair expects great interest from the professional public in organizing accompanying professional events on more than current issues of environmentally advanced technologies and their application in the automotive industry in the function of environmental protection. The Car and Motorcycle Show organizers are preparing the event with the conviction that the epidemiological situation will not be a reason for cancellation. 

During the Car show, all necessary protective measures will be taken that, according to the recommendations of the competent institutions, are appropriate for manifestations of a mass character. 

The price of an individual ticket for the Car Show will be 400 RSD, for organized group visits 20 and more visitors 300 RSD per person, and students and pupils will pay 200 RSD per person during the organized visit. The parking price is 150 RSD per hour, the maximum daily price of the parking is 750 RSD. 

Prepared by: Milica Radičević 

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