Bright Breezy Weather Helps Scotland Go Green in May

Photo: Pixabay

Bright sunshine and strong winds helped Scotland last month to meet, at times, all its household electricity needs with green energy, new analysis out today reveals.

Wind power output jumped 20 per cent compared to May 2015, producing enough power to meet 46 per cent of the country’s electricity needs across homes, business and industry, according to analysis of WeatherEnergy data by WWF Scotland.

In fact, on 11 out of the 31 days of May, wind generated enough output to supply 100 per cent or more of Scottish households with clean power.

Meanwhile, for homes fitted with solar PV panels, there was enough sunshine to generate over 100 per cent of the electricity needs of an average household in Aberdeen, Dumfries, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Lerwick, WWF Scotland said.

“May proved to be another great month for renewables with the wind sector meeting 95 per cent of the electricity needs of Scotland’s households,” said Dr Sam Gardner, WWF Scotland’s acting director. “On one day in particular, May 15, output from turbines generated enough to electricity to power 190 per cent of homes or 99 per cent of Scotland’s total electricity demand.

“Month after month renewables play a vital role in cutting carbon emissions and powering the Scottish economy,” he added.