CEEFOR A Decade Of Successful Business


A well-coordinated team of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development ( CEEFOR) with more than 20 experts with many years of work experience is ready to help each client to the maximum. Mechanical, electrical, civil engineering, technology, architecture, traffic and fire protection engineers, economic and financial experts, translators and philologists are at your disposal for all questions.

CEEFOR has extensive experience in sustainable development and energy efficiency and offers clients consulting and design services in renewable energy sources. The company’s main focus is to reduce energy consumption through the implementation of energy efficiency measures, which has the effect of reducing costs and the negative impact of harmful gases that cause the greenhouse effect.

CEEFOR provides well-tailored technical support to investors and banks and technical support for the establishment and placement of dedicated credit lines for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.


Conducting preliminary, short and detailed energy audits (energy audits),

Preparation of feasibility studies related to energy technologies and technologies related to the field of energy efficiency improvement,

Preparation of feasibility studies with conceptual solutions,

Development of projects for obtaining permits and construction projects for the construction and use of renewable energy sources,

Consulting and obtaining all conditions, consents and permits for RES as well as the preparation of all types of project documentation (preliminary, general, main design and project of the constructed facility),

Consulting in the field of preparation and introduction of energy management systems in industrial companies and at the local level (municipalities and cities),

Development of business plans, investment studies and/or financial and economic analyzes,

Information technologies in the field of energy savings and implementation of technologies that have a positive effect on the environment.

Reliable experts of the company are there for all your questions and doubts, and they are always ready to work together to find the best solution tailored to your requirements and capabilities.

The list of CEEFOR clients is getting richer every day, maybe you are next on the list.

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