CEEFOR: Achieving Energy Efficient through the Development of Energy Audits

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Energy efficiency is the sum of planned and implemented measures which have a goal to use the minimum amount of needed energy while preserving the level of comfort and production rate. The company CEEFOR – Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development has provided more rational energy consumption for many companies by more rational energy consumption for many companies by performing energy audits for their industrial plants.

Some well-known products come from these companies: some of them refresh you when celebrating Patron Saints day (Knjaz Milos), make your life sweeter (Stark and Swisslion-Takovo) and make your lunch more tasty and richer with proteins (Neoplanta). Associate in the field of energy saving for these companies was exactly CEEFOR. Its headquarters in Belgrade and was founded in 2010.

With successfully accomplished assignments in the field of energy technologies, the Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development has reduced not only the costs for its clients but also the negative impact of harmful components that cause the greenhouse effect, which made this company one of the leading companies that strive for social responsibility.

The CEEFOR team consists of 20 experts with many years of experience in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency: mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers, technology engineers, architects, traffic and fire protection engineers, economic and financial experts and translators.

The experts of Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development can also provide your company with a direct benefit through the development of energy audits, feasibility studies, as well as with preparation of full project documentation and economic-financial analysis, by implementing technical control and construction supervision, as well as the quality evaluation of applied technology. The company offers consulting and engineering services by obtaining opinions, conditions, approvals, and permissions, as well as contacts with equipment suppliers.

The energy-efficient solutions, implemented by the group of CEEFOR experts, include two solar power plants in Kladovo with the installed capacity of 2 MW, and a solar power plant on the IKEA Department Store building in Belgrade. The team of engineers also worked on the elaboration of the investment-technical documentation for a solar power plant with a total power of 9.9 MW for the Public Enterprise Elektroprivreda Srbije.

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The Petroleum Industry of Serbia also engaged CEEFOR engineers, and one of the projects that took place between 2013 and 2015 for the mentioned oil company was designing, licensing and organization of technical inspection for the cogeneration and gas power plants in the territory of the municipalities of Kanjiža, Srbobran, and Veliko Gradiste.

The field of work of Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development is not solely related to power plants. The Umka cardboard factory is also on their client list for which they made a pre-feasibility study of a steam turbine power plant.

CEEFOR is also active in the field of eco-mobility. through energy consulting service activities, technical and financial analysis and designing and communicating with manufacturers of necessary equipment, several preliminary designs were developed for setting up charger stations for electric vehicles. The result of these projects was the installation of chargers at several locations in Belgrade – at the BMW showroom in Cukarica, at the public garage in Obilicev Venac, at the Pro-Credit Bank branch and other locations as well.


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