Charge&GO Pushes the Boundaries of E-Mobility

Photo: Charge&GO

Charge&GO continues to expand its network of chargers, accelerating the pace as the summer season approaches. The charging infrastructure is the foundation on which the future of electromobility is built, which is why improving the charger map in Serbia and the region is entirely in line with global trends.

The company Charge&GO recently added new chargers for electric CHARGE&GO PUSHES THE BOUNDARIES OF E-MOBILITY vehicles to its network and announced exciting plans for this year, especially for tourists going to the sea via North Macedonia in an electric car this summer. Some of the new chargers are already operational and available to users, while the rest will soon be on the Charge&GO map.

A 120-kilowatt charger was recently installed at the OMV gas station on the bypass near Surčin, while a 150-kilowatt charger will be put into operation on the other side of the highway, also at the OMV gas station, by the end of April. Some time ago, a 45-kilowatt charger was put into operation at the OMV gas station in Zaječar. That’s not all; the plan is to install another 60-kilowatt charger in the parking lot of the BIG shopping center in Rakovica this spring.

To conclude, two DC chargers, one in the vicinity of Belgrade and the other in Zaječar, are already online, and the other two will be operational as soon as possible.


Safe travel throughout Europe

When developing infrastructure, the standardization of chargers is essential, which is why the European Union is working to solve this issue to facilitate international travel. When it comes to traveling to other countries, one of the company’s innovations is that registered users have a roaming platform, the largest of its kind in Europe.

With the help of this platform, of which Charge&GO is a part, numerous companies that provide electromobility services across the continent are connected in one place. At the same time, drivers are assured of easy use of chargers not only in our country and region but also abroad. Charging authorization is done via an RFID card that is already enabled for users, making the process simple and efficient. For these services, it is necessary to sign a contract whereby the procedure is not complex and is easily achievable if the request is sent to podrska@ After this, the user will immediately have an ample map available when leaving our country, and there are hundreds of thousands of chargers of various companies, whereby the application will provide drivers with a simple display of arrival to the desired place.

With the continuous expansion of the network of chargers, the company Charge&GO extends the availability of its application beyond the borders of our country.

Photo: Charge&GO

– By the beginning of the summer, the Charge&GO network will also be available in North Macedonia, with a customized version of our application for the Macedonian market – explains Tamara Zjačić, the company’s deputy director.

When the application opens on the Macedonian market, it should display a map with 10 DC chargers that will be available to drivers by mid-June.

Charge&GO is growing and expanding month by month. By the end of the year, the number of chargers will increase drastically both at the company level and throughout the country, which is why the number of electric vehicles could exceed expectations. According to certain forecasts, there should be around 3,500 fully electric vehicles in Serbia by the end of the year, although now that number is between 2,500 and 2,700 cars. Exact information on the number of registered electric vehicles is not publicly available, although a register exists in the Ministry of Interior. Data on the number of registered electric vehicles would greatly help companies such as Charge&GO since determining infrastructure needs would be easier and more precise if the number of e-vehicles and their popularity among drivers is known.

The existence of supporting infrastructure is inevitable for the further popularization of electric cars. First, it is crucial to increase the number of charging stations along highways and in urban areas, which the company Charge&GO is constantly working on.

Prepared by Milica Vučković

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