Circular Clothing Hits the Catwalk at Dutch Design Week

Circular clothing firm takes recycled fashion to Dutch Design Week.

Trash-2-Cash has created a climate change-neutral shirt, a recycled raincoat and even an environmentally-conscious car interior, which it plans to showcase at the event in the Netherlands next week.

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

It also plans to reveal six new prototype materials comprised of new, recycled and recyclable products for use in the clothing and automotive sectors.

The EU Horizon 2020 funded-group, which represents a consortium of researchers, designers, scientists and industry partners, proposes.

It proposes a recycling model where textile waste is regenerated chemically, resulting in new plastics and textiles that are the same quality as original materials, while being infinitely recyclable.

Rebecca Earley, Professor of Sustainable Fashion Textile Design and Co-Director at the Centre for Circular Design, said: “Trash-2-Cash fibres are not only made from waste but created to be used appropriately and fully before going into future recycling processes.

“We’re using less harmful processes for people and the environment and we’re designing-in performance so that these fibres offer a full package for consumers and the environment.”