Cod Leds Have Their Plaice in Energy Efficient Fishing?

Green or blue LEDS could replace energy-intensive incandescent lighting used to lure fish towards bait.

Forget just cutting your domestic electricity bill with LEDs – now you can use energy efficient lighting to catch your fish supper.

Many fishermen use high-intensity incandescent lights to lure fish to the surface of the water so they can be more easily caught – fish, like many other marine creatures, display positive phototaxis, which means they tend to move towards light stimuli.

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

However, these tungsten and halogen lights are so power hungry they quickly drain batteries, compromising convenient portability or requiring a loud and polluting diesel generator.

Swapping them for green and blue LEDS can effectively attract fish and squid towards bait, while dramatically reducing the energy usage and costs associated with traditionally used technologies.

Source:Energy Live News