Eager Beavers in the Service of Protecting  the Planet

Photo: Courtesy of Jasmina Lazić and Slobodan Branković

Finding the good in bad life circumstances was clearly shown during the coronavirus pandemic when people became closer and nature started recovering. The story of Jasmina Lazić and Slobodan Branković, self-confessed travelphiles, adventurers and creatives filled with love and love for nature, united these two good things that emerged from the pandemic.

Imbued with a different vision of decorating the living space, they have always been looking for slightly more unusual and practical pieces of furniture and decoration. Although the pandemic has limited certain common habits, it has also created opportunities to create new ones.

These young people dedicated their free time, which they had more during the isolation, to designing unique objects and playing with the materials at hand.

The lack of large-scale machines, tools and adequate workspace was a challenge that they easily overcame with patience, resourcefulness and the support of relatives and friends.


They started the whole story (called Vredni Dabar/Eager Beaver) in the dining room of their apartment, which they later improved by acquiring more professional tools and renting an old carpentry workshop where they still create to this day. Finding adequate materials, which they use various means to procure, remains the biggest problem.

The people in their surroundings know where they can take something they no longer need, and if Jasmina and Slobodan assess that they can give those items a new lease of life, they are always happy to accept them.

Although many people don’t think of flea markets as places that sell worthless things, this young married couple knows the importance of preserving nature. Their contribution to this noble cause is reusing old items, which is why, along with their desire and creativity, a flea market becomes a very inspiring place to obtain the needed materials.

No object must be wasted if we don’t view it as waste. Jasmina and Slobodan are living proof of this as they don’t hesitate to take  old cabinets, boards, crates, or pallets from the street rubbish containers and thus give them a new lease on life. Through their work, they realized that their purpose is to encourage and develop environmental awareness among people by bringing the idea of reusing various materials closer to them through their story and inspiring them to contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful planet.

They often organize campaigns to collect various materials and announce them on their Instagram profile. Customers who donate recycled material will get a discount on the duo’s products.

Prepared by: Katarina Vuinac

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