Electric Car Networks Join Forces to Create Open Fast Charge Alliance

Photo: Pixabay

Five of Europe’s leading networks of electric vehicle (EV) fast-chargers have this week officially launched a new initiative to ensure their technologies are “seamlessly” compatible, allowing users to access over 500 charge points across the continent.

The Open Fast Charging Alliance brings together the networks of founding members Fastned in the Netherlands, Sodetrel in France, Smatrics in Austria, Grønn Kontakt in Norway, and GOtthard FASTcharge in Switzerland.

“The alliance members will enable roaming to create a premium network of fast chargers all over Europe,” the group said. “This network will be open to all EVs, and will make long distance travel even easier.”

The group added that with auto manufacturers working on electric cars that can travel at least 400km on a single charge there was a need for a public fast-charging network that could enable long distance travel by allowing cars to recharge quickly.

The alliance will initially focus on delivering bilateral roaming agreements between its founding members based on the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) standard, which allows subscribers to an individual network to charge their cars and make payments using charge points operated by alternative networks.

The group said the first implementations of the planned agreements are due this year.

It also said it was keen to grow the alliance and would welcome other networks that adhere to its standards, which include providing 24/7 customer service and ensuring maximum network uptime.

In related news, Portuguese fast charger provider Efacec Electric Mobility announced the launch of a new 350kW, 1,000V fast charge unit, which it said had been specifically designed and built for long range EVs.

The company said it was already working on projects to deploy 44 of the high power charging stations with further announcements due in the “near future”.

“It is undeniable that long range EVs provide a new step in Electric Mobility and Efacec is already working on the leading edge of this Solution” said Pedro Silva, managing director of Efacec Electric Mobility in a statement.

Source: businessgreen.com