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Road traffic is one of the major polluters of the environment. According to research, about 60 per cent of polluting substances enter the air from exhaust pipes. To reduce air pollution, we need environmentally clean and acceptable means of transport. Electric vehicles are nothing new, and their number has been growing exponentially. People are also becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of these vehicles as they do not emit harmful gases and are cheaper to maintain compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Since the electrification of traffic has been underway for years, almost all car manufacturers have said that in the near future, they will exclusively produce electric vehicles. Along with the development of electric cars, we also need to work on developing and improving chargers for these vehicles. ABB is the global leader in the production of electric chargers, with the largest installed base of fast charging stations for electric vehicles worldwide. ABB entered this production segment in 2010 when it presented its first TERA 50kW charger, and two years later, launched TERA 51 and TERA 53, both 50kW. The company’s expert team is working hard on developing chargers for electric vehicles, so ABB made a big change in 2017 when it presented a charger with 150 or 350kW power, which is modular and expandable. It specifically means that adding one power supply cabinet increases the charger’s power to 350kW. 


Fastest charger in the world 

Fast and easy car charging is one of the demands of electric vehicle owners. Thanks to Terra 360, ABB’s fastest charger, it is possible to top up the battery to cover 100km with just three minutes of charging. This charger is designed to charge four cars simultaneously, which is a great advantage for both the charger’s owner and the users. Its algorithm is such that if one car is charged, it can deliver a power of 360kW, which at the moment can only be received by premium cars. If two, three or four cars are being charged simultaneously, the charger automatically redirects the power to 180 or 90kW.

The innovative lighting system guides the user through the charging process. It displays the state of charge (SoC) of the electric vehicle’s battery and the remaining time before the optimal charging session is completed. The world’s fastest electric vehicle charger is also disabled-friendly and features an ergonomic cable management system, helping drivers plug in quickly with minimal effort.

Prepared by: Milica Radičević

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