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The Energy Summit in Trebinje has grown into the most prominent energy- related gathering, said Luka Petrović, Acting Director of the Republika Srpska Electric Power Industry and added that more than 900 participants have registered for this year’s Summit.

Petrović added that the topic of this year’s fifth Energy Summit is coordination and better communication of all energy companies in the Balkans.

,,We think that we bring together all decision-makers, both from the public and energy sectors in the entire Balkans and beyond. All the Summit’s guests and participants in panel discussions will provide guidelines for the next year on activities in the Balkan energy sector and its stabilization”, Petrović added.

The Energy Summit, as the largest and most popular business gathering, opens the door for the development of congress tourism in the south of Herzegovina. Mr Petrović reminds us that the competition for the selection of the conceptual solution for the future congress centre in Trebinje is underway, ending on March 7th. ​

Some of the summit topics include connecting power companies in the region as a response to the EU’s energy and climate policies, development and management of the electric power system with the aim of increasing the integration of renewable energy sources and accelerating the energy transition, maintenance of existing production facilities, development of the natural gas sector and others.


„The Trebinje Energy Summit has been an important gathering place for business people from its very beginning. This year, we will have representatives from over a hundred companies, who will establish contacts, have discussions and conclude agreements on various projects and deals. For the first time, the directors of all three electricity companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina will gather in one place. We would also like to announce a multilateral meeting of all ministers and government representatives in Trebinje”, said Aleksandar Branković, the Energy Summit director.

The ministerial meeting will be hosted by the Ministry of Energy and Mining of the Republic of Srpska.

,,The Energy Summit is recognized as a place of discussion and agreement, a place where everyone is happy to return. The reason for this is our serious and detailed approach to planning and organization and the work done by our organizational and scientific committees. Preparations for the summit last six or seven months. Of course, the location is also important. Trebinje is very popular with visitors, so when we add all of the aforementioned up, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the number of the summit participants grows year-on-year”, said Branković.

The 5th Energy Summit will be held in Trebinje from March 20th to 22nd. The general sponsor of the Summit is Elnos Group from Banja Luka and the sponsors are the Ministry of Energy and Mining, as well as the Ministry of External Trade and Economic Relations in the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: SET Trebinje