Environmental Security in a Changing World

Photo: UNEP

In the lead-up to the G7 Summit, UN Environment in partnership with the Italian G 7 Presidency / Italian Ministry of Environment organized last week a High-level Dialogue and Press Briefing entitled “Environmental Security in a Changing World”.

The event sheds light on the top environmental issues proposed for the G7 Agenda in the context of global environmental priorities, growing challenges, and multi-lateral obligations – from the Paris Agreement to the 2030 Global Goals.

Participating in the event were 130 eminent scientists and government representatives from 40 countries, members of the scientific panel responsible for producing the UN World Environment Report (known as Global Environment Outlook – GEO). The Outlook is an authoritative assessment of the state of the global environment that provides an evaluation of environmental trends, challenges, policy interventions and proposes policy options.

Also participants were members of civil society, the business sector and the media.

Source: unep.org