Photo-illustration: Pixabay

In January this year, France started implementing several new measures aimed at reducing waste by encouraging, among other things, the application of the circular economy and improving air quality. Several measures from different areas were announced by the French Ministry for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion.

In order to extend the life of electrical and electronic equipment, the cost of repairs will be further reduced for consumers. The repair bonus is an amount that is directly deducted from the consumer’s account when they take this type of equipment to an authorized shop for repair. As of this year, the bonus is higher. For five devices that are used daily, the amount of the bonus will be doubled, while the bonus for the number of other products will increase by five per cent. Furthermore, over 20 other devices have now become eligible for bonuses. Apart from these, other bonus novelties have been introduced.

The disposal of used vehicle tyres at tyre distributors will be free of charge from now on. Until now, this was only possible once new tyres were installed. By implementing this measure, tyre disposal in nature and landfills will be reduced.


Large distributors of construction products and materials are obliged to accept free of charge all construction waste brought by tradesmen and other individuals, but under the condition that the waste is properly sorted out. However, starting this year, metal, wood and plastic waste doesn’t need to be sorted out prior to it being brought for disposal.

Another important measure relates to the sorting of bio-waste. Namely, France will implement an efficient system for collecting such waste on a door-to-door basis. Plus, there will be separate collection systems at voluntary disposal sites, as well as devices that enable local bio-waste management. Citizens who want to dispose of bio-waste will be entitled to financial and other types of assistance from the state, as well as given an opportunity to exchange best practice cases with others.

Finally, the ban on the destruction of unsold non-food products comes into full effect. Back in 2022, this measure was introduced in France, but it only applied to certain products such as electrical and electronic devices, batteries, textiles, hygiene and child care products and others. As of this year, the ban extends to all unsold non-food products.

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