Germany and Spain Stick to Plan to Build New Gas Pipeline

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

Germany and Spain are sticking to their plan to build a new gas pipeline across the Pyrenees in defiance of French opposition, a joint action plan showed.

The meeting between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez came as their governments disagreed on other possible measures to tackle Europe’s energy crisis.

This is relevant for both electricity and gas interconnections, the document adds, referring to the development of a “hydrogen corridor across the Pyrenees, identified by the RepowerEU Plan, to supply gas to Central Europe, and which in the future will have to carry renewable hydrogen”.

“The construction of a sufficiently big hydrogen-ready gas pipeline across the Pyrenees to be operative by 2025 is of paramount importance in order to achieve a truly robust internal energy market within the EU, accelerate the green transition and reinforce EU’s strategic autonomy.”