Get Charged in Slavija Square!

On the 1st of March 2018, the doors of the Hilton Belgrade hotel were officially opened to the guests of the Serbian capital. Within the Slavija hotel, there is a modern public garage adapted to the European standards. Four underground floors include 282 parking spaces and two chargers for electric cars which have a capacity for four vehicles.

Photography: MT-Komex (private archive)

The work of installing the charger has been entrusted to the Belgrade-based company “MT-KOMEX”. In the past, it has already proved to be an excellent partner for companies determined to include the sustainable development component in their business through the support of “electricity transport”. Since 1919, when it was founded in Dallas, the Hilton hotel chain has been the backdrop for many meetings and business arrangements, but also for the emergence of a popular cocktail of Piña colada (San Juan, 1954).

Hilton has spread its hotel network through more than 85 countries on six continents; therefore only foxes, penguins and whales from the Antarctic have been left out from the luxury of their rooms and apartments. The engineers of MT-KOMEX are respected by Serbian public institutions and successful private companies, as well as reputable world corporations. ABB, BMW, CEEFOR ENERGY EFFICIENT SOLUTION, IKEA, Fronius, ProCredit Bank, Propulsion, Triple Jump… those are only some of their associates and clients, and the list goes on. In the past seven years, MT-KOMEX gradually replenished and changed its core business, so its employees had the opportunity to enrich their decades of extensive experience in the field of mechanical engineering and welding with new knowledge and skills, participating in numerous projects for the construction of small hydro, gas and solar power plants.

Taking a step forward with modern trends, company leaders also ventured to support the introduction of electric vehicles on Serbia’s roads and the development of the chargers at times when moving through Serbian streets in an electric-powered car sounded like science fiction.

Photography: MT-Komex

Thanks to the engineers of MT-KOMEX, electromobility is now closer to our citizens. How close is it? Well, just two minutes’ drive away from the fountain in the Slavija Square in the garage of Hilton Hotel Belgrade. The engineers of “MT-KOMEX” are trained to install chargers, both in smaller residential and business units, as well as in larger buildings with more demanding infrastructure, public parking lots, pumps, corridors of main roads and highways.

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This article was published in the eleventh issue of the Energy Portal Magazine CIRCULAR ECONOMY, September-November 2018