Gin-ius: You Can Now Sip Your Gin with an Edible Strawberry Flavoured Straw

Photo: Diageo

A range of pre-mixed canned drinks now come with edible straws to cut down on plastic waste.

Diageo’s Premix range, which includes Gordon’s Gin & Schweppes Tonic, Baileys & Iced Coffee Latte and Pimm’s & Lemonade, now comes with a variety of flavoured straws that can be eaten, rather then binned or sent away to landfill like traditional plastic alternatives.

The drinks company has ditched single-use plastic straws across its global business and says it will only use reusable, compostable or biodegradable alternatives from now on.

Global Sustainable Development Director David Croft said: “Diageo is committed to minimising our environmental impact and we are, like many of our consumers, increasingly concerned about the negative environmental impact associated with the irresponsible disposal of plastic straws.

We will admit to having an unhealthy obsession with Gordon’s pre-mixed G&T cans – and will often have a few too many.

Now, drinks giant Diageo has gone and stolen our hearts a second time with their new range of edible drinking straws.

Not only are the straws sustainable and cleverly designed to ensure they’re safe for human consumption, they also come in a variety of delicious flavours carefully crafted to compliment your tinny of choice.

The lime-flavoured straw was designed to add a zesty twist to the classic Gordon’s gin and Schweppes tonic, or if you opt for a can of Pimm’s and lemonade go for the strawberry straw.

There’s a choccy-flavoured one to help you knock back a Baileys mixed with iced coffee latte, or try the lemon edition with a can of the Captain Morgan’s Rum and Cola.

We might just be in heaven.

Sources: Energy Live News/The Sun