Here Comes the Sun: LEON Switches to 100 Per Cent Solar Power for the Summer

Photo: Pixabay

Healthy fast food chain LEON has switched to sourcing 100 per cent solar power over the summer months, as part of its supply deal with Opus Energy.

The company made the switch last week to coincide with the summer solstice. The deal sees the firm move from its usual sourcing of a mix of renewable power to a 100 per cent solar deal, which sees the power it uses matched by power from 1,000 solar projects around the country.

“Solar power plays a vital role in our renewable energy mix, and the UK is one of the world leaders in solar deployment,” said Steve James, director corporate solutions at Opus Energy.

“At Opus Energy we are very proud of our ability to provide 100 per cent sustainable, cleanly-sourced energy to our customers, as well as supporting those who want to generate their own power and make the most of our natural resources – especially in the midst of this year’s heatwave.”

The UK has set a series of solar and renewable power output records in recent weeks with renewables generation peaking at 19.3GW earlier this month thanks to a combination of strong winds and warm weather.

LEON said the switch to solar power would also help promote its new summer menu and was in keeping with its commitment to natural and healthy food.

“At LEON we worship at the alter of the sun,” said Kirsty Saddler, director of brand and marketing at the company. “We think it is the most epic source of energy for us here on earth. Our Summer Seventeen menu will bring you the best of nature’s solar powered produce. We think nature has humankind’s best interests at heart so the more natural the food, the better it is for you.”