Highly-efficiency renewable energy – KPA Unicon to deliver power plant for Termoflorestal LDA to Juncal, Portugal

Photo: Pixabay

Termoflorestal LDA and KPA Unicon have signed a contract of Unicon Altius 5 MWe power plant delivery to Juncal, Porto de Mos, Portugal. The power plant will operate on renewable fuel and provide efficient power generation for the local electricity grid as well as steam for biomass drying process at the neighboring pellet plant. “RFB raw material”, namely dry wood dust, will be used as fuel for the power plant. The plant will be handed over to the customer in November 2018.

The contract covers the design of the power plant, the delivery of the main process equipment, including a boiler with auxiliary systems, turbine, generator, condensation system, flue gas cleaning equipment and a high-tech PlantSys system that enables remote operation and monitoring of the plant.

Termoflorestal LDA is responsible for land planning and foundation works, buildings, steel structures, ducts and piping which will be purchased in accordance with the KPA Unicon’s design and initial data. Termoflorestal LDA performs installation works under the KPA Unicon’s construction management and installation supervision. KPA Unicon ensures the commissioning of the power plant and training of the personnel.

KPA Unicon and Termoflorestal LDA have jointly optimized the concept of the project, it will utilize the advantages of both parties, which will ensure cost-effective and responsible energy production. The power plant will use burners for dry and pulverized biomass burning, based on the “Unicon Pellet” technology developed by KPA Unicon. “Biomass-based boiler plants using this combustion technology are built mainly in Scandinavian countries, so it is great to have exported our technological know-how to other parts of southern Europe, where such technology is not yet widespread,” says Olli-Pekka Aarnio, Key Account Manager KPA Unicon.

“Dust combustion technology brings this project to a very special synergy effect, because the power plant will use as fuel a part of already dried and ground biomass dust from the neighboring pellet plant. This is a logistically ideal solution that saves fuel and ensures high efficiency with a small carbon footprint”, Aarnio continues.

“The decision to choose KPA Unicon to supply our thermoelectric power station, relies essentially on the high performance of its technological solutions with more than 25 years’ experience from all over the world. The professionalism demonstrated, the tests and prior analyzes to the available fuel in our country (Forest Residual Biomass) and the commitment assumed regarding the performance of the Central, allowed us to advance to this new project.” Says Rui Carrera, administrator of Termoflorestal LDA.

Termoflorestal LDA is new company which is put up for this power plant project. Termoflorestal as company has strong relationship to the Justo SGPS Group, with the necessary confidence for such an investment.

KPA Unicon provides responsible energy solutions for efficient energy production. The company specializes in boiler and power plant projects. The solutions utilize biomass fuels as well as fossil fuels sustainably. KPA Unicon also provides operation and maintenance services, and offers support during the whole life cycle of plants. KPA Unicon’s headquarters are located in Pieksämäki, Finland. The company employs 250 energy industry professionals.