Ireland all Ears on Green Plans

Photo: Pixabay

Dublin has launched a public consultation on a new national planning framework that will include canvassing public attitudes to the further deployment of renewable energy.

The government is seeking views on the development of infrastructure in the country up to 2040.

A position paper on the framework said Ireland will “prioritize the development of infrastructure that can deliver national benefit – including renewable energies” in a move away from the “business as usual” approach.

It added that the country has some of the best wind, wave and tidal resources in Europe and said renewables will “continue to become more and more central” to national energy demands.

“This raises the issue of how we prioritize renewable energy projects at suitable locations across Ireland, balanced with the need to sustain the existing environment and amenity.

“In particular, some areas of the country are better suited to the generation of renewable energy and differing types of renewable energy infrastructure.”

The first consultation runs until 16 March.