Island Vacation and EV – Ideal Choice

Photo: Josko Supic / Cropix

Innumerable Croatian islands, which captivate with their hospitality and rich scents of Mediterranean cuisine, are fittingly the favorite summer resorts in Europe. In addition to all the qualities, Hvar, Krk, Lošinj, Korčula, and other islands scattered on the Adriatic Sea can boast, visitors will soon have more reason to spend their vacation in one of these destinations, which, will soon become green oases.

Promotion of renewable energy sources, followed by the transition to electric vehicles, are two important segments of the Croatian islands’ green agenda, we were told by Maja Jurišić, Head of the Island Movement. Founded in 2017 as a civil society organization, the Island Movement is a unique platform of experts and islanders who seek to respond to the needs of island communities in the process of the green and digital transition.

The vision of the Island Movement is self-sustainable and self-sufficient island communities, independent of the mainland in every respect. As explained by our host, the main mission of the Movement is to provide islanders with advisory and logistical support in projects contributing to that vision. We are truly thankful to Hrvoje Prpić, president of the Strujni Krug (Electric Circuit) Association, and his valuable knowledge about electromobility on Croatian islands, who also contributed to this issue of the magazine, explaining in detail all the advantages of introducing electric vehicles on the islands, the state of battery charging infrastructure and preconditions for the accelerated green transition of island communities.

The Strujni Krug Association was founded merely two years ago, but more than 1,000 members quickly embraced it. Most of the members are individuals, although the Circuit has over 100 different companies which, in addition to finding the possibility of marketing their products, see the association as a great lobbyist who can help the state adjust the laws to market needs, explains Prpić.

Why EV on the island?

The wider adoption of electric vehicles is essential for the country’s decarbonization in general, not just the Croatian islands. However, the electrification of traffic on the islands stands out as a special topic because drivers face fewer obstacles when switching to electric cars, and thanks to the numerous benefits that islanders can have after the complete ending of fossil vehicle use.

“Switching to electric vehicles on the islands is far easier because old electric vehicles with a range of less than 100 km can be used, and their prices are already very affordable, and vehicles can be charged thanks to solar panels, which have also become very affordable”, explains Prpić.

For those considering buying an electric car discouraged by underdevloped charging infrastructure, islanders, on the other hand, have an advantage because, according to the president of the “Electric Circuit”, Croatian islands have a much better battery charging infrastructure than the number of vehicles requires. In addition, electric cars can be charged at any outlet, avoiding problems arising in urban areas where residents must park their vehicles in public parking lots, unlike islanders who can park in their backyards or garages.

Prepared by: Milena Maglovski

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