Joint Event Highlights Latest Actions to Tackle Methane Emissions in the Gas Sector

Photo-illustration: Unsplash (Quinten de Graaf)

The Energy Community Secretariat, Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) and the Technical Association of the European Natural Gas Industry (MARCOGAZ) hosted a joint event on methane emissions in the gas sector. The event briefed more than 170 stakeholders on the latest technical and legal developments as well as upcoming challenges.

The event gave an overview of activities at the level of the Energy Community and the EU, including a forthcoming EU legislative proposal to tackle gas methane emissions. GIE and Marcogaz presented updated best practice guidelines for the gas industry on detecting and preventing methane emissions. The event also highlighted ongoing initiatives to improve consistency of methane emissions data.

The annual event is part of the Secretariat’s efforts to raise awareness of methane emissions in the gas sector, alongside its successful webinar series launched in March 2021 with the support of GIE and Marcogaz. The so-called “Methane Mondays” will continue again in the autumn.

In anticipation of upcoming EU initiatives, the Secretariat recently adopted a report on methane emissions in the Energy Community gas sectors to serve as a baseline for moving towards methane emissions reduction targets. 

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Source: Energy Community