Kaiserwetter to Help Accelerating the Transition to Clean Energy and Mitigating Climate Change

Photo: Kaiserwetter

With global greenhouse gas emissions projected to reach another record high this year, IntelliTech-company Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management LLC (Kaiserwetter) today launched its new cloud-based AI platform, ARISTOTELES Sky – The Energy Cloud for Nations, to help governments speed up the transition to lower carbon sources of energy and mitigate transition risks. ARISTOTELES Sky harnesses energy asset generation data collected through IoT enriched with spatial data to simulate national and regional energy systems. The new platform will give governments the necessary data intelligence to govern and manage the transition to clean energy sources and help them attract the necessary domestic and foreign investment to do so.

Global emissions have risen for three consecutive years, when they should be starting to drop if nations are to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. Kaiserwetter has identified that a major barrier for governments in the fight against climate change is the lack of detailed insights to create a new energy future characterized by a demand-side approach where power supply follows specific load profiles.

“Global carbon dioxide pollution is higher than it’s ever been—this is deeply, deeply troubling,” said Hanno Schoklitsch, CEO of Kaiserwetter. “We believe that data intelligence holds the key to helping governments turn the tide and reform their energy systems. ARISTOTELES Sky will give nations unprecedented insights and actionable intelligence to effectively transition to cleaner sources of energy by mitigating the transition risks.”

ARISTOTELES Sky produces an optimized match between future national energy demand and the power generation supply, providing insights into where to locate new sources of energy, what types of sources are needed and how to reform the grid to accelerate the growth of a decentralized energy future.

“Nations around the world spend a tremendous amount of money on national security intelligence, but very little on the intelligence needed to effectively combat climate change—the greatest existential threat facing mankind. This has to change,” remarked Schoklitsch. “ARISTOTELES Sky gives governments the information they need to make smart planning decisions to transform their energy system to renewable sources and attract capital investment to finance this transition.”

Nations using ARISTOTELES Sky will have a private national cloud for data management that is secure and does not impede the IT infrastructure of supply systems in national markets. Kaiserwetter’s technology partner, SAP, is the market leader in AI, IoT and advanced analytics technologies, and the ARISTOTELES Sky platform incorporates the latest advances in these technologies. Further, with SAP as a partner, Kaiserwetter is offering a globally scalable solution with industry leading data security, protection and privacy.

To learn more about Kaiserwetter’s ARISTOTELES Sky platform, visit www.kaiserwetter.energy.

About Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management LLC

Photo: Kaiserwetter

Kaiserwetter is the market’s first energy IntelliTech company, providing Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) to catalyze investment into renewable energy and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Kaiserwetter’s multiple award-winning, cloud-based IoT platform ARISTOTELES uses smart data analytics, predictive analytics and machine learning (AI) to minimize investment risk and maximize investment returns.

Established in 2012, the company is headquartered in Hamburg and has offices in Madrid and New York. In 2020, the company will open offices in China and India.

For more information about Kaiserwetter, visit www.kaiserwetter.energy, or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Jenny Wang