KEPA Initiative “75UN – 75 Trees UNAI SDG7”

Responding to the invitation of KEPA for participation in the initiative “75UN – 75 Trees UNAI SDG7”, the Chania Forest Directorate of the Decentralized Administration of Crete (DAC), will undertake the planting and treatment of 75 plants on the islet of Thodorou (or Theodorou) during the autumn planting season.

The islet of Thodorou is declared as breeding land for the conservation of the Cretan wild goat (Capra aegagrus cretica) since 1963 and belongs to the “Special Protection Areas (S.P.A.)” (Directive 79/409 / EC “on the conservation of wild birds” with code GR 340018).

The Directorate will also provide to the Municipalities of Crete, which will participate in the initiative free of charge saplings of one-year old which are available every year in November.

Source: KEPA