Luxen Solar – Caring For Each Customer

Photo: Courtesy of Alisa Papadimitriou

From its very formation, the Luxen Solar Company has clearly defined its operational principles and set up the production of a quality and reliable product that enables a faster return on investment, while taking utmost care of each customer. Abundant experience in the production of top-quality solar panels and the constant development of solar cell technology are confirmed by over 15 industry awards and the company declared one of the TOP 20 exporters. Today, its portfolio includes a wide range of products for both roofs and land projects, while one of its goals is to establish long-term partnerships in every country in which it operates.

Alisa Papadimitriou, Business Development Director for Europe at Luxen Solar, talks about how important it is to have good communication with customers and help them in project implementation, in addition to having a good quality product.

Q: What do you think is the company’s greatest asset?

A: First and foremost, it’s the care for every customer. Exceptional customer service is one of the most important things to us. Quick response and quick help, no matter what. Luxen Solar is oriented towards long-term business relationships that are built on trust and transparency. Clients appreciate having a partner they can rely on, who is always honest and ready to find the best solutions. For our team, there are no problems, only solutions, and it is made up of people who always think outside the box.

In second place is constant growth and orientation towards innovative technologies. Customers want a reliable partner they can trust. The constant growth of a company that has realistic goals and careful planning that is supported by a good financial situation, on the one hand, and always being in step with the latest innovations, to provide clients with the most advanced technology, on the other, are the biggest advantages of Luxen Solar.


Q: What are the benefits of doing business in the Serbian market?

Photo: Luxen Solar

A: Serbia is my homeland, it is the place where I grew up and the country I love. I am especially pleased to see the growing awareness among people about the importance of living in a carbon dioxide-free world, as well as the regulations in place which are required to achieve the set goals in this segment. I care very much about the pollution-free future of Serbia. Our goal is to help everyone meet their clean electricity needs. With the installation of our solar panels, we ensure a quick return on investment and a quality module of high durability and performance that will allow for a longer service life, far beyond the usual expectations. The solar panel is the most important part of the installation and must meet all the criteria and that is what we offer to clients.

Q: What is the biggest challenge manufacturers face and how does Luxen Solar overcome them?

A: The biggest challenges facing solar panel manufacturers are the rapid changes in cell technology. In today’s world, research and development are progressing very fast in every industry. The development of solar cells dictates the direction of the development of solar modules and rapid changes are imminent. Very few manufacturers are able to respond to these changes, because keeping up with the development of technologies requires significant and constant investments in new machines. We closely follow the development of technology and choose to offer clients the one that is best in terms of the benefits it brings, keeping in mind a quick return on investment for investors. We are financially stable, have invested in new production lines and use only the most advanced robotics and artificial intelligence.

Interviewed by: Milica Radičevič

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