Number 35-April 2024

    Focus topics: Nature Conservation

    Another issue of the Energy Portal Magazine is in front of you. This time, the theme is Nature Conservation with indispensable environmental protection, one of today’s most critical challenges.

    From the second half of the 20th century until today, the attitude towards the environment changed, and humanity began to place nature at the center of the value system, from which ecocentrism was born as a new perspective. From that time until today, numerous events have been recorded that were significant for the development of environmental protection. The text Development of Environmental Protection highlights the most important decisions, conventions and efforts made at the global level over many years.

    Silvia Davidoiu, Ambassador of Romania to Serbia, told us more about EU funding programs that support the implementation of environmental protection policy in her country, compliance with directives and national plans, investments in renewable energy sources, how to deal with climate change, and finally more about the goals of sustainable mobility.

    Regarding the European Union, its support reaches us in various forms – as technical assistance, support for drafting laws and policies, and, of course, concrete investments. Antoine Avignon, Program Manager of Environment and Climate Action in the EU Delegation in the Republic of Serbia explained how the EU Delegation supports the implementation of the green transition in our country.

    Solar energy is an inexhaustible source for electricity production, with minimal environmental impact, which the citizens of some of our municipalities could soon confirm. Thanks to the companies B2 Nova Sun, B2 Sunspot and Elektroprivreda Srbije, which signed contracts on the purchase of electricity and assuming balance responsibility, the inhabitants of Nova Crnja in Banat and the citizens of Kikinda will soon receive two solar power plants.

    On the other hand, the MT-KOMEX company built a solar power plant in Sisak-Moslavina County in Croatia, which further expanded its operations beyond Serbia’s borders. In the text MT-KOMEX is building for the first time in the European Union, you will read about a comparative overview of construction in our country and on the territory of the EU.

    When we talk about novelties in the field of electromobility, the company Charge&GO recently included new chargers for electric vehicles in its network and announced exciting plans for this year, especially for tourists who will go to the sea via North Macedonia in an electric car this summer.

    In the People and Challenges section, read what enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are doing to spread awareness about the importance of a sustainable future, encourage citizens to change habits within the local community, and in what unique ways they are trying to change their attitudes towards environmental protection.

    Numerous interesting texts and stories await you.