McDonald’s Puts the Freeze on McFlurry Plastic Packaging

McDonald’s has announced it is to stop using single-use plastic to package its McFlurry ice creams and salad options.

Photo-ilustration: Pixabay

Once the environmentally-friendly change comes into effect in September, the brand expects it will reduce plastic waste by around 485 tonnes every year.

Instead, the food options will be served in 100% recyclable cardboard containers, made from 50% recycled content and 50% sustainably-sourced material.

Supply Chain Director, McDonald’s UK and Ireland Beth Hart said: ‘I am delighted that today’s news means we will be serving our much loved and new menu items in an even more sustainable way.

“Removing plastic lids from the McFlurry, and introducing new cardboard packaging for salads, will save nearly 500 metric tonnes of plastic a year.”

The brand removed plastic straws from its drinks options last year, which was met by criticism by some fans who felt replacement cardboard straws were ineffective.

The recycling rate of plastic packaging across the EU almost doubled between 2005 and 2016.

Source: Energy Live News