Meet the Future of Intelligent Building Automation

Photo: Schneider Electric

KNX solutions enable a seamless way to digitize buildings, providing a connected system of devices which intelligently communicate with each other to reliably perform tasks, such as switching. However, these systems can be costly and complicated. So it’s key to choose the latest technology and a system that’s easy to install, set up, operate, and maintain.

Introducing SpaceLogic KNX solutions

That’s where SpaceLogic KNX from Schneider Electric comes in, with interoperable, modular, future-ready solutions. Whether it’s a small family home or a large office complex, our flexible smart devices are easy to configure, order, and install, and designed to increase comfort and security, while decreasing energy consumption.

Why KNX?

As a powerful, open standard of network communication, KNX enhances building automation with easy-to-use, technology-driven functions. It facilitates solutions that require less wiring, which means simpler installation, lower costs, and even decreased fire risk. Certified by the KNX Association, products are compatible across manufacturers.

The advantages of SpaceLogic KNX

A KNX system is at its best when it’s simple – for consulting engineers, system integrators, and electricians to commission and install, and for their customers to use. SpaceLogic KNX is a building automation system that’s as flexible as it is smart – suitable for applications from homes to office complexes, hotels, and hospitals. Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive portfolio of KNX solutions, including actuators, system components, sensors, smart home automation, and other connected devices designed to work with a range of systems. Our solutions are designed to work with Apple, Amazon, Google, ZigBee, and others.

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