Mihajlovic: It is realistic that electricity will become more expensive, we have prepared a regulation for vulnerable population

Foto-ilustracija: Pixabay

Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said that she expects the price of electricity for citizens to rise and that the Regulation on energy-vulnerable customers has been prepared, which will help those who cannot pay for electricity, gas or thermal energy.

“Regardless of the fact that when the price of electricity will increase, Ministry of Mining and Energy has prepared the Decree on energy-vulnerable customers, because we are aware that there are households in Serbia that cannot pay the price of gas, heat, or electricity. Precisely because electricity prices need to be higher, we have prepared a regulation to help those who are socially vulnerable. It will now apply to a larger number of households, because the criteria have been changed, and it will also apply to thermal energy”,  Mihajlovic said.

She added that, with the regulation, they will pay a lower price, and in this way, on the one hand, Ministry has helped households, and on the other hand, it has given the opportunity to the Energy Agency of Serbia to, when it receives a request from “Elektroprivreda Srbije”, increase the price of electricity.

“I believe that it will happen soon, but I cannot say exactly when or by how much the increase will be, because it does not depend on the Ministry,” she said, answering questions from journalists after presenting the proposal for the Integrated national energy and climate plan of the Republic of Serbia”, said minister Mihajlovic.

Source: Ministry of Mining and Energy