MILAN MANOJLOVIĆ: An Electric Bike is an Ideal Means of Transport for Those Who Live and Work in the City

Photo: Private archive

The team „E prime“ is a proof that with a good idea it is possible to make an energy-efficient product, which will delight domestic customers in the first place, and then the whole world.When you ask people what is their favorite

When you ask people what is their favorite means of transport for shorter destinations, many will say it’s a bicycle. When you are on a bike, there is no crowd in transportation, there is no waste of time in looking for a parking lot, you can go almost anywhere, and the enjoyment in driving and the benefit of physical activity is immeasurable.

Nevertheless, the bike is mostly used for recreation, but not for going to work. Truth be told, it is not really appropriate to show up at your workplace sweaty and breathless. However, if you have imagination and entrepreneurial spirit, with a little knowledge about technology, you will overcome this problem. Simply, you will make an electric bike!

Exactly with this vision, a team of young people gathered around the project E prime got to work. A successful domestic brand was created out of the first modified electric bikes. Milan Manojlović, one of the members of E prime team, told us more about these modern city bikes.

EP: It seems that even regular bikes are not popular enough in our country. How come that you became interested in electric bikes? Who came up with the idea that e-bikes are the right thing? Were you driven by love for bicycles, innovations or simply a good feeling for business?

Milan Manojlović: Considering that we live in Belgrade, where it is becoming harder every day to drive and find a parking place, and by ordinary bicycle, we could not go to work because we would arrive flushed and breathless, which is certainly not accepted in business environment, we decided to do something.

Since everyone on the team is a big fan of both bicycles and all other vehicles, we have made a few experimental electric bikes out of enthusiasm, so that we, ourselves can use them for everyday needs and reduce transportation costs.

Three years ago, we made our first models and then we started to have problems with being late for work. And not because of traffic jams or parking, but because other traffic participants often stopped us and inquired about the bikes we drive.

Then we realized that we had to get serious and start producing electric bikes. Of course, model development and testing, as well as the production of tools for production, lasted for almost two years.

Photo: E prime

EP: Tell us more about E prime bicycles. For starters, they are equipped with everything and they are easy to ride. But, is it difficult to carry them up the stairs?

Milan Manojlović: E-prime bikes are designed, constructed and manufactured in Serbia. In order to adapt them to the needs of customers, we have designed a wide range of equipment and options, so that our bikes can be used for both recreation and daily needs, as well as for business purposes. Customers are most often interested in starting a

Customers are most often interested in starting a bicycle with a fingerprint, GPS tracking, alarm, hydraulic brakes…

Our bikes can be carried up the stairs, but it’s certainly easier to use the elevator. It is possible to remove the battery from each model and charge it in the apartment, without the bike itself, so in many cases, you do not need to carry it up the stairs. Likewise, our bikes can be charged in an hour.

Likewise, our bikes can be charged in an hour.

Photo: E prime

EP: Which model is your main product? How fast is it and what is its range?

Milan Manojlović: Our main model is eXperience. We can boast that we havea unique design, that has not been seen at any world’s manufacturer. Depending on the choice of the engine and the battery, it can travel at a speed of as much as 70 km/h and have a range of up to 200 km with only one charging.

EP: Are the E Prime bicycles made for driving around the city or outside the trails?

Milan Manojlović: The models that are currently on sale are designed primarily for city driving, but they can also be driven on moderately difficult paths outside the road.

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