Norway At 84,7 percent Plugin EV Share In July – Mustang Mach-E Bestseller

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

Norway, the world’s leading country in the electric transport revolution, saw plugin electric vehicles take 84,7 percentof new auto sales in July 2021, up from 68,4 percent in July 2020.

This is a great result in the context of 2021’s favourite vehicle, the Tesla Model 3, not shipping in any significant volume in July. Diesels fell to a record low of 4,1 percent, and petrols scarcely faired better at 4,3 percent. The Ford Mustang Mach-E was July’s top seller.

With Norway’s year-to-date favourite BEV, the Tesla Model 3, not receiving any international shipment in July, last month’s runner up, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, was able to grab the top spot once more (following its initial win in May).

Smoothing out monthly ups and downs; the trailing 3 months have seen these top two BEVs almost neck-and-neck – with the Ford at 3562 units vs the Tesla’s 3704 units. This is a great result for the Ford newcomer, although arguably it may still be enjoying a short-lived honeymoon as a new model. Both vehicles’ results are limited by available supply volumes, and time will tell what the sustained market appetite might be for these models.

As the spectrum of BEV models (and price points) continues to broaden in Norway, the BEV share of the auto market will continue to inexorably climb towards 100 percent.

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Source: Clean Technica