In the North Banat settlement of Padej, constructing the Panawiss solar power plant with an installed capacity of 3 MWp is underway. Works on the construction of the solar power plant are in full swing. The area of five hectares is almost covered with structures and solar panels, and according to plans, the power plant will be completely completed by the end of the year. The investor of the project is Panawiss plus, while the execution of the works is entrusted to the company MT-KOMEX.

A total of 5,400 monofacial panels from the German manufacturer Luxor Solar will be used to construct this solar power plant, while the latest generation ECO LINE HALF CELL M144/500 W panel model has been chosen. Regarding the structure on which the solar panels are installed, the Turkish manufacturer Kirac Metal model was chosen. The company’s expert team used Fronius Tauro – ECO-100-3-P, 100 kW inverters for the Panawiss plus solar power plant. The transformation of electricity from a voltage of 0.4 kV to a voltage of 20 kV will be carried out by a transformer with a power of 2,500 kVA. According to calculations, the Panawiss plus solar power plant will produce 3,700 MW annually. All produced electricity will be placed in the electrical distribution system.


Pioneers in the construction of solar power plants

The construction of the solar power plant was entrusted by the investor Panawiss Plus to a company with many years of experience in the construction of these power plants. This year, MT-KOMEX is celebrating 30 years since the company’s establishment, and during that time they have realized numerous successful projects. Their portfolio testifies to success; so far, they have built and delivered equipment for more than 200 solar power plants on the ground and on roofs, with a total installed power of more than 100 MW.


The company consists of a professional team of trustworthy people who are always ready to provide full support to clients in all project phases. Engineers employed by the company regularly attend professional seminars and special training and have all the necessary certificates. They have a lot of experience in project development, and their work includes everything – from the development stage to the preparation of documentation for technical acceptance and obtaining a use permit on a turnkey basis.

The company MT-KOMEX believes that solar energy will greatly contribute to the fulfilment of the strategic goal of the Republic of Serbia that by the year 2040, 40 per cent of electricity will come from renewable sources.

As a socially responsible company, MT-KOMEX works every day to promote renewable energy sources and projects in this area, paying special attention to environmental protection.

Saving carbon dioxide, one hectare of forest absorbs eight kilograms of carbon dioxide per hour. If it is taken into account that plants carry out photosynthesis for an average of 12 hours during the day, this means that they absorb 96 kilograms per day.

Seen annually, one hectare of forest absorbs about 35,000 kilograms; in 20 years, it is about 700 tons. The power plant will reduce emissions by 3,000 tons annually, or 60,000 tons in 20 years.

Prepared by: Katarina Vuinac

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