Per Aspera Ad Sol

Foto: Unsplash

When you crave a cake but do not have any will to make it on your own, you will be going to a pastry shop. In case of experiencing back pain at work, you will be arranging a massage appointment. If you need a new pair of running shoes, you will be visiting the shops with sports equipment. Supposing that you want to improve the energy efficiency of your objects, you will be reaching out to the engineers of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development (CEEFOR).

Why choose them over the huge competition? Because when you see only data, they see the opportunity to save energy and money and reduce emissions of harmful gases. By contacting them, many domestic and foreign companies seized the opportunity for both themselves and the environment, while improving their business at the same time.

The team of experts of the Belgrade-based company has top-quality references in designing and implementing measures of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. The knowledge of twenty engineers is based on the best examples from world practice and is supported by the many years of experience in the development of projects, production of technical and project documentation and the provision of support services.

Whether you are hiring the CEEFOR as a reliable consultant for energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources or as a direct partner in charge of developing studies, projects and project documentation, you can count on the dedicated work of employees in finding a practical and long-lasting solution, adapted to your capabilities and needs, in the following areas:

  •  implementation of preliminary, short and detailed energy audits,
  •  consulting and engineering for financial institutions and investors in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy,
  •  elaboration of feasibility studies related to energy technologies and technologies related to energy efficiency improvement,
  •  making feasibility studies for the use of renewable energy sources and the construction of power plants,
  •  consulting and production of all kinds of project technical documentation (General Projects, Conceptual Designs, As-built designs, Projects for building permit, Detailed-Design Projects etc.),
  •  consulting in the field of preparation and implementation of the energy management system in industrial enterprises at the local level (municipalities and cities),
  •  information technology in the field of energy savings and implementation.

It would be surprising finding at one place the Recycling Center “Bozic i sinovi” from Pancevo, producer of confectionery and food products “Swisslion Takovo” from Novi Sad, “Knjaz Milos” from Arandjelovac, Winery “Vino Zupa” from Aleksandrovac and public garage “Obilicev venac” from Belgrade, but the list of the CEEFOR’s customers includes even this diverse team.

There are also Elektroprivreda Srbije, Lazarevac heating plant “Kolubara”, Municipality of Lapovo, Health Center Kladovo, small hydro power plant Ravni, Novi Sad meat processing company “Neoplanta”, cardboard factory “Umka”, NIS Gasprom-Njeft and Solaris Energy.

When you place your confidence in the knowledgeable hands, there is no room for fear. Your expectations will be outplayed.

Prepared by: Jelena Kozbasic