Photo: Plantaže

Company 13. Jul Plantaže stands out among the few companies in the region with a history to be proud of. Their first chapter began in the 1960s when the earth was created from stone almost with bare hands, and vines sprouted from it. Today, this company owns the largest vineyard within a single complex in Europe, covering an area of 2,310 hectares.

During those 60 years, the wines gained fame, were declared Decanter medal winners and were crowned with the “gold of the wine Olympics” However, they always remained on first-name terms with all the wine lovers. The magnificence and greatness of people is in their approachable modesty, and Plantaže wines carry such greatness. These are wines for everyone who loves wine, without exception.

The Plantaže vineyard lies on a plateau whose altitude varies between only 45 and 70 meters above sea level, about thirty kilometers from the Montenegrin part of the coast of the Adriatic Sea, which foams just like Plantaže sparkling wine Val and that sends airy salty greetings to the vineyard, next to the Skadar lake, on whose lushness it rests, and right next to the cold Cijevna above whose canyon is the Prokletije range that sends the breath of the mountains. Grapes absorb all of these and “breathe” that air. That’s why the wines of Plantaže have the smell and taste of Montenegro in all its beauty combined and poured into wine.


Photo: Plantaže

The sun loves Podgorica very much, so it stays there for a long time. That is why the capital of Montenegro has 135 summer days a year with a temperature of over 25 degrees. Stone, earth, sun and man created the vineyard, and the grapevine does not live everywhere. It took a lot of love to give its best, and the best here was given by our autochthonous variety Vranac, which occupies 70 per cent of Plantaže plantations. Few things from this area have become a point of reference outside the geostrategic framework of their creation, such as the Vranac of the Montenegrin Plantaže. A legendary wine is woven into the entire region’s wine culture and is a synonym for exceptional quality. Plantaže wines undoubtedly confirm that good things have never recognized borders because since the company was founded, they quickly and easily gained consumers’ trust worldwide. Their strength today is also confirmed by the fact that millions of consumers enjoy Plantaže wines on almost all continents.

The wine showcase of Plantaže is rich. Decades of work and knowledge of a world-renowned winery have been arranged on it, vibrant Malvasia, distinctive and juicy Luča, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and refined Pro Anima, ingenious Vladika, powerful and great Vranci, Montenegrin Cabernet, Montenegrin Merlot and premium wine lines Stari Podrum, Premier and Reserve. An exceptional place is occupied by Vranac Pro Corde – wine for the soul, a brand that Plantaže has been working hard on for 30 years, a wine that can be found in each of more than 40 countries in the world that Plantaže exports to today.

Source: Plantaže

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