Powering Electric Vehicles in Egypt with ABB Fast Chargers

Photo: new.abb.com

ABB’s supply of direct current (DC) fast chargers is bolstering e-mobility in Egypt, creating the future of sustainable transportation.

ABB is suppling 20 Terra 53 multi-standard DC fast chargers that are being installed in service stations and major cities across Egypt, supporting the country’s push towards e-mobility. The adoption of e-mobility in Egypt will play a pivotal role in helping the country achieve its 2030 sustainable development goals and its ambitious plan to reduce air pollution by 50 percent by 2023.

“ABB marks a new era in the e-mobility solutions in Egypt,” noted Naji Jreijiri. ABB Managing Director, Egypt, North & Central Africa.

Carbon emissions from vehicles running on fossil fuels is one of the major causes of air pollution in the country. While sales of EVs are expected to jump 40 percent globally, ownership of electric vehicles in Egypt is still low. Providing reliable, easy and fast charging solutions is key to accelerating the adoption of EVs. ABB’s chargers, supplied in partnership with the Arab Consulting Office and Revolta Egypt, is an essential step towards enabling wider use of EVs in the country.

These charging stations, which can fully charge a vehicle in as little as 15 minutes, are being installed at National Petroleum Company (NPCO) gas stations across Egypt’s national road network, car dealerships and in busy urban areas. Conditions in the country can be hot and dusty and ABB chargers have the durability to cope with such an environment.

Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB’s Global Business for Electric Vehicle Charging, said: “ABB will capitalize on its strong market leadership position and local best-in-class capabilities to continuously bring state of art developed solutions to our market and positively contribute in protecting our environment. We truly believe that this fits perfectly with Egypt’s ambitious plans for a cleaner and healthier environment.”

Every e-charger comes bundled with ABB Ability™ connected services, which continuously collect data from every charger installed around Egypt and to remotely monitor and proactively control the operation of these chargers.

ABB has laid the foundation of e-mobility and is already developing a complete range of systems for charging the vehicles, whether they are parked at the home or office, or during short stops to recharge while on longer journeys. Since entering the EV space in 2010, ABB has become a global leader in fast-charging solutions with more than 11,000 DC fast chargers sold across 76 countries worldwide.

Source: new.abb.com