Ralph Lauren Unveils Polo Shirts Made from Plastic Bottles

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

Ralph Lauren has unveiled a new line of polo shirts made from recycled plastic bottles.

The shirts are made in Taiwan, which is where the bottles are collected, and are dyed without needing to use any water.

Each shirt uses around 12 bottles to be made – they are produced in partnership with First Mile, a recycling organisation that helps turn the plastic rubbish into wearable fabrics.

Each item is on sale for £95 in the UK.

The international clothing brand has also committed to removing at least 170 million bottles from landfills and oceans by 2025.

David Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s Chief Innovation Officer, said: “Plastic waste is a major issue threatening the environment – we want to be part of the solution and utilise an innovative approach to create something valuable.”

Source: Energy Live News