Rising Gas Prices Pushing People To Electric Vehicles, Tesla is #1 Brand They’re Considering

Photo-illustration: Unsplash (Mahkeo)

The recent gas shortage inevitably led to an increase in decisions to buy an electric vehicle (EV), and the top brand people are looking at is Tesla, according to a survey from AAA. A Forbes article citing the survey noted that during the time the Colonial Pipeline was offline, the national gas price average increased by 7 cents; pushing it to an average of 3.02 dollars.

This made it the highest average since October 2014. The AAA also noted that the national average will probably see more fluctuation in the coming days.

The Forbes article also cited a survey that was taken back in March 2021 which showed that as gas prices rise, the percentage of those considering purchasing an EV also rises. The Electric Vehicle Sentiment Survey United States, conducted by CarGurus, stated, “Rising gas prices would be especially influential to those on the fence who ‘possibly’ would own an EV in the next decade.”

One key takeaway from the article and the survey is that Tesla is the winning brand of choice for EVs. And if gas prices increased to 4 dollars per gallon, 26 dollars of those surveyed would become more likely to purchase an EV. At 5 dollars per gallon, that number jumped to 57 percent.

“Tesla continues to be the most trusted brand to develop EVs (and that lead has grown),” CarGurus said while pointing out that 78 percent of those interested in EVs would be open to several brands when it’s time to make the purchase. CarGurus also noted that SUVs/crossovers are the most likely type to be considered as an EV although few are available today.

You can read the whole article HERE.

Source: Clean Technica