Santa Travels Electric!

Photo: ABB

ABB charging stations are part of the country’s charging infrastructure which will power the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck as it travels from the north to the south of Italy, demonstrating e-vehicles can be a viable sustainable transport option.

Running from December 7th to 20th, as part of the Magic Tour Coca-Cola, the first 100 percent electric Coca-Cola truck tour will cover 1,300km, including stops in Milan, Bergamo, Naples and Catania. The state-of-the-art all electric Volvo truck will also stop at ABB sites to recharge in a sustainable way: a recharge of energy that comes from 100 percent renewable sources that have powered all ABB sites in Italy since 2019.

The Volvo FL Electric, chosen for its quietness and versatility in the urban environment, for its maneuverability and fluidity when driving, is perfect for the quick delivery of Christmas presents, up to 16.7 tons, thanks to the power of 200 kW (equivalent to 272 hp) provided by the four batteries that deliver 265kWh.

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck will utilize different charging technologies – from the fastest available in the world today, which ABB produces in its Italian factory in Valdarno for the global market, to fast chargers and wall boxes that can recharge electric vehicles during long stops, typically at night.

ABB will donate two charging stations to local municipalities where the Magic Tour will stop to support their transition to sustainable transport. The initiative is an integral part of ABB’s commitment to its 2030 Sustainability Strategy, which calls for a global transition to emissions reduction through the adoption of renewable energies, site energy efficiency improvements and the full electrification of its car fleet, which now numbers more than 10,000 vehicles. Alongside this commitment is the goal of supporting customers to reduce their emissions by 100 megatonnes of CO2 annually – the equivalent of taking 30 million combustion cars off the road.

Source: ABB