Photo: Emilija Jovanović

Under the auspices of the Investment Forum for the Western Balkans, participants of one of the panel discussions will talk about private sector investments in renewable energy sources. The panel participants also talked about a second round of auctions that will take place in Serbia this year for the allocation of renewable energy projects with a 400MW capacity.

The initiative is part of a three-year plan that envisages the provision of at least 1,300MW of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2025, using auctions and market premiums to attract private investments, says Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy.

The first plan is aimed at the largest investments, while the next round of auctions will take place this year with the offered capacity of at least 400MW, all to expedite the energy transition.


For this purpose, and to attract new investments and accomplish overall energy stability, the regulation that prescribes the balance responsibility of investors and the requirement for bank guarantees has been improved.

As the Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining, Dubravka Đedović Handanović explained, Serbia is the first country in the region to establish an intraday power trading and a regional electricity exchange.

There has been a stable return on direct investment for 10 years, not counting the pandemic year. However, any increase in investments implies a higher consumption of electricity, in addition to an increase in production capacity, which is why parallel efforts must be made to improve the power grid.

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