Photo: SEF Sarajevo

Sarajevo Energy Forum (SEF) has become a recognizable brand and a renowned sustainable energy forum with regional stakeholders in the energy sector, from government and educational institutions to experts who are knowledgeable of trends and can offer ideas on how to improve businesses and systems in the service of the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.


This year’s SEF will be held on January 30th and 31st at the Hills Hotel in Ilidža. Distinguished panelists will speak at the conference about the opportunities that sustainable energy can create for the economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.


One of the important topics that will be discussed will be the unhindered export of goods to the EU, considering that from January 1st, 2026, companies will have to pay expensive taxes on CO2 emissions. This poses a big challenge as there is a possibility that many businesses will no longer be sustainable. Hence, the public and private sectors must react in a timely manner and be prepared.


SEF 2024 will offer answers to questions such as what are the lines of support and subsidies, the best ways to finance projects and how to prepare and secure your certificates of origin and green certificates in the easiest way. The Forum will also discuss the most important issue for the development of RES, which is ensuring stable grids for all those who are waiting to be connected to a power grid, as well as a presentation on research on the flexibility of power grids and measures to increase their capacity. 

On behalf of the German government, GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) supports the decarbonization of the electric power sector in the Western Balkans and in this regard also supports the second panel discussion on the development of smart power grids and electricity metres for the distribution and transmission of electricity in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region to jointly work on creating an energetically strong region.


A special panel will be dedicated to responsible companies and how to build and improve their own energy business, how to ensure safe export of goods and how to connect with the best companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.


RIMAC ENERGY is a partner and gold sponsor of the Sarajevo Energy Forum 2024. This is a global company that has changed the perception of electric vehicles and is known for its continuous innovations. The company will take part in the SEF with its valuable contribution and knowledge of global trends in energy storage and battery production for large power systems, businesses and citizens.


Apart from global and regional companies, leading companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina will also take part such as HIFA-OIL, the general sponsor of SEF 2024. It will be interesting to hear their experiences about how virtual power plants help the development of renewable sources projects, how they ensure stable and secure purchase contracts, how they managed to complete the construction of the largest private photovoltaic power plant (of over 4,000MWh output) in the country and what are their plans for the future. 


Also, companies that offer products or provide services related to this segment can participate in the Exhibitors’ Fair, which will last for two days of the Sarajevo Energy Forum SEF 2024.


The number of places for participation is limited and registrations are open for a few more days. For more information and reservation/application for participation in this prestigious forum, please click here.


SEF 2024 partners and sponsors are RIMAC ENERGY, HIFA-OIL, PV Smart Click, Solar Steelconstruction, Procredit Bank, Euro-Solar and many other renowned companies and institutions, which gives the Forum added value. The Sarajevo Energy Forum is a must-see event for energy companies. 


Source: SEF Sarajevo