Shenzhen Gives Residents Incentives To Buy Electric Vehicles

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

The city of Shenzhen in China has long been an electric vehicle leader. Its bus fleet went 100% electric in 2017, and its taxi fleet followed in 2018. Now, it is pushing electric vehicle sales (including Tesla sales) just in time for the end of Q2 2020.

Residents can receive 20,000 yuan (2,500 euros) if they buy new fully electric vehicles. Plug-in-hybrids are also being subsidized, with 10,000 yuan (1,250 euros) per purchase.

These incentives started in May and will last until December 21, 2020. All Tesla vehicles are eligible, Tesmanian noted.

Who Can Apply?

Shenzhen is relaxing the application measures that were in place due to COVID-19. Citizens can apply, but so can:

  • Nonresidents with a valid residence permit.
  • Chinese citizens living overseas.
  • Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan residents.
  • Foreigners with valid visas or residence permits.

They can directly apply for either the Shenzhen Hybrid Electric Vehicle Incremental Index or Pure Electric Car Incremental Index.

If a citizen of Shenzhen already owns an EV or plug-in hybrid and has it registered in their name, they can purchase another new one (either a new EV or a new plug-in hybrid) and still qualify for the incentives.


Another thing that Shenzhen wants to do is incentivize the parking of new energy vehicles. This will include free parking for the first hour of on-street parking throughout the city.

It will be exciting to see the Q2 sales numbers. The population of Shenzhen is 12.53 million. The new subsidies, on top of federal Chinese subsidies, should stimulate a large number of new electric vehicle sales.

Author: Johnna Crider

Source: Clean Technica