Short and Compact: All Possibilities

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The Dome 6 system offers a flexible and suitable mounting solution for all flat roof requirements for your next PV project. With optimised ballasting and simple mounting, the Dome 6 system is universally applicable.

The developments include, for example, not only the clamping of the modules on the long side, but also with the Dome FixPro the secure anchoring with fixed connection.
Of course, these variants are now available in the K2 Base planning software. You don’t know the free K2 Base planning software yet? Look here.

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Dome 6 Xpress

The Dome 6 Xpress system variant is delivered pre-assembled – the Mat S as well as the Dome SD are already mounted on the base rail. The peaks are also attached to the rail in no time at all via a snap-in function. In addition, the rail connectors can be installed without tools.
With only 4 assembly steps, this system variant shines with its extraordinarily fast assembly.

Dome 6 Classic

With a flexible row spacing, the roof area can be utilised to the maximum. The Dome 6 Classic is therefore particularly popular for roofs with many obstacles. The system variant can also be used on gravel or green roofs and is suitable for additional elevation on trapezoidal sheeting.

Dome 6 Classic LS

In addition to the Dome 6 Classic system variant, the Dome 6 Classic LS system offers the option of clamping the modules on the long side. This solution is used for large modules (up to 2390×1170 mm) with limited load-bearing capacity and for high snow and wind loads.

K2 Base

With the free planning tool K2 Base, K2 mounting systems for pitched and flat roofs can be planned quickly and easily. Simple drawing tools and Google Maps integration support you in easy planning. At the end, you will receive a static verification (according to Eurocode) incl. article list for the assembly system in the results. In addition, with just a few clicks, the project data can be transferred to the planning tools of the inverter manufacturers such as SolarEdge, SMA, Fronius & Co. or to the yield calculation, so that you save more office time and have more time for the installation.

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