Photo: Tetra Pak

Global initiatives implemented by the Tetra Pak Company in sustainability and circular economy are also implemented in Serbia. From the procurement of electricity from renewable sources for the company’s factory in Gornji Milanovac to supporting the development of new ways of using recycled packaging, the Tetra Pak team proves every day that sustainability is still a priority in decision-making and remains at the core of the company’s strategy.

According to the recently published 2022 Sustainable Business Report, Tetra Pak made significant achievements last year by reducing operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 39 per cent while using renewable energy by up to 84 per cent. In this way, the road to reaching zero net emissions in business by 2030 continues. The sale of 8.8 billion packages made from plant-based materials and 11.9 billion caps also made from the same material saved 131 kilo tons of CO2 emissions. The company has also invested around 30 million euros in expediting the collection and recycling of multi-layer cardboard packaging, collaborating with food technology incubators and startups to explore the future of sustainable food.

In the Serbian market, the Gornji Milanovac factory was certified for using renewable electricity in 2020, which covers 100 per cent of the plant’s electricity consumption. Since 2020, the factory’s production process has also used packaging material produced from polyethylene obtained from renewable sources, i.e. sugar cane, which further increases the sustainability of the packaging.


Through the support of projects related to smart recycling of used packaging in Kragujevac and Zrenjanin, Tetra Pak works locally to educate and motivate citizens, as well as local institutions, to introduce an adequate waste management system in practice in Serbia, which would allow a significantly larger amount of used materials to be kept in use longer and contribute to the development of the recycling industry while reducing additional pollution of the natural environment.

The company continues to work on finding sustainable solutions to the challenges facing society, believing that the global experience and know-how it possesses can be effectively applied in domestic circumstances as well.

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