Sustainability Hits the High Street with New H&M Clothing Line

H&M has launched a new line of premium clothing aimed to showcase the increasing possibilities of sustainable fashion.

Photo: Loudrocksurfer

The high street retailer will produce the collection on a smaller scale than its main offerings.

It will include a full-length coat made from a recycled wool blend and a sequinned jacket made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled nylon product ECONYL, as well as a printed dress made of 100% organic silk.

Accessories on offer include earrings made from recycled plastic and boots and stilettos made from recycled polyester.

Cecilia Brännsten, Environmental Sustainability Manager at H&M, said: “There’s a wonderful range of sustainable fabrics in this collection, like recycled cashmere, the new velvet made from recycled polyester, as well as the use of leftover ECONYL from the previous collection.”

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Source: Energy Live News