The Magic of Old-Fashioned Bicycles

Photo: Lucky Wolf Cycles (LWC)

The battle for healthier air is fought in many fields. The traffic that causes more than 10 percent of the world’s emissions is indeed one of the crucial global arenas. Luckily, vehicles on batteries are becoming more popular, and the number of electric scooters on streets worldwide is increasing. Still, with all this modernization, we shouldn’t forget the good old bicycle.

This transportation vehicle has been in vogue for two whole centuries. Moreover, Miloš and Tamara Đuričić from Loznica have fallen for bikes from the ‘70s and ‘80s. They brought them to life, made them all colorful and refreshed, and then they put them back on the streets.

As with all strong passions, Miloš also fell in love with cycling when he was just a child, and it was partially caused by the fact that he wasn’t very talented for group sports. Soon he was using this ecological two-wheeler for everyday reset from engagements. 

Eventually, short distances turned to mountain biking. In 2015 he founded with his friend Zoran Bogićević the Associati on for Mountain cycling BicikLO to promote highlands tracks in the area of Loznica. Later, they organized MTB tours to show cyclists his birthplace’s natural, cultural, and historical values.

The Belgrade open school first recognized this Association’s activities with whom they successfully worked on several projects, including biking. The support of the Belgrade Open School helped the higher visibility of the Association, which today can enjoy recognition on the MTB map of these lands.

Apart from recreational purposes, Miloš notes that the Association intends to popularize city cycling to put this ecological means of transport at its rightful place in urban transport. The connection between bicycle and ecology in the developed part of Europe has been long recognized and applied. However, according to Miloš, it is still at a relatively low level in our country. Therefore, he believes that further efforts are essential to promote this type of vehicle and support infrastructural investments around the country.

Photo: Lucky Wolf Cycles (LWC)

How LWC bicycles are made

Along with engagement in the Association, Miloš was repairing his bicycles and his friends’ bikes too in his garage workshop called Cyclo-garage. Over time, the number of customers increased, and then the wife Tamara suggested getting every bicycle uniquely colored. So that is how bikes Lucky Wolf Cycles were made in a little workshop. The massive support for this idea’s development came to the Đuričićs from the Trag foundation through the program Green ideas.

The LWC bicycles feature simplicity of usage, which is rarely seen in everyday city bicycles, and the unique design of each model that comes out of this creative garage. While cruising on them, cyclists have a complete pleasure out of a one-speed bicycle ride and a feeling of riding a modern and new two-wheeler. Besides, bicycles are very light. The weight often doesn’t exceed 10 kilograms. That makes them an ideal choice for those who have to carry it afterward to the apartment.

Tamara notes that customers can have the model they have always wanted, made from their old bicycle, which they can’t get by purchasing a commercial bicycle. On the other hand, Miloš says that more and more people eagerly wait for their old bikes to get a new look.

Prepared by: Milena Maglovski

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