The Solution For the Future of Sustainable Transport

Photo: EnelX

The world’s metropolises are taking sure steps to improve and accelerate the complete transition to electric vehicles with innovative solutions. Intensive work on the promotion of electric vehicles, affects the growth of the number of these cars that we find more and more on the streets. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), about three million electric cars were sold in 2020. There was also a turnaround, as for the first time Europe overtook China, which has been the world’s largest market for these vehicles so far.

There is optimism in the competent institutions in our country. Subsidies for the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles are expected to continue to contribute to the further development of electromobility.

In order for drivers of electric cars to participate in traffic without hindrance, it is necessary to develop the accompanying charging infrastructure. As the number of electric vehicles grows, so does the need for more electric chargers. This was recognized by the company charge&GO, which in partnership with Enel X, a member of the global business line of the Enel Group, is working on the development of this network.

Enel Group is one of the leaders in energy transformation, both in Europe and in the world. They are recognizable by the fact that they create simple, easily acceptable and efficient solutions from complex technologies that enable sustainable growth and development. Such solutions include Enel X electric chargers.

Unique solutions under the ENEL X brand, based on the principles of the circular economy, provide customers in many countries with an alternative model that respects the principles of environmental protection. Chargers get the necessary energy from renewable energy sources, while the parts can be reused. Thus, many Enel X chargers in Italy, which are owned by this company, are powered exclusively by green energy sources. The expert team of this company is working on innovative solutions for the reuse of lithium-ion batteries to reduce pollution caused by their disposal.

Enel X – Smart charging solutions for electric vehicles

The 22 kW JuiceBox charger is a safe and compact charging solution. An additional benefit is that this charger is made of recycled plastic. LEDs allow the user to always clearly see the charging status of their electric car.

Photo: EnelX

Among Enel X’s latest innovations is the state-of-the-art JuicePole charger, which allows two electric vehicles to 71 charge their batteries up to 40 percent in just 30 minutes. Charging session data is available on the clear LED screen at all times, and RFID identification technology allows users to authorize on the charger using an RFID smart card.

In our country, charge&GO is working on equipping the FCA Serbia dealer network with the chargers of our partner Enel X. The new Juice Box model PRO Enel X chargers are installed at their dealers, AutoGarant in Preljina and Auto Mig in Nis.

AutoGarant has two Juice Box PRO models of 22 kW and Juice Box PRO cellular – 7.4 kW. While in Auto Mig there is Juice Box PRO cellular – 22 kW, as well as two models Juice Box model PRO – 22 kW.

Among the car dealers who have installed chargers of this company are AK Kompresor, Auto kuća-Kole, AK Stojanov Novi Sad, Nikom auto Kragujevac and others.

We remind you that the company FCA Serbia in Kragu- jevac also installed the Enel X electric charger in the area of its factory.

While the network of these innovative chargers for electric vehicles of a well-known Italian brand is expanding in our country, we expect a big step forward this year when it comes to the number of electric vehicles on our roads. Judging by the interest of our citizens in subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles, it seems that we will witness that turn towards the electric future on domestic roads.

Prepared by: Tamara Zjačić

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