VW’s First EV ‘Will Be Carbon Neutral Throughout Entire Lifecycle’

Volkswagen says its new electric car will be carbon neutral through its entire lifecycle if recharged with renewable energy.

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

The German car manufacturer says the ID.’s supply chain, manufacturing processes and charging infrastructure will all be sustainable – the energy used to produce the batteries and parts will come from green power sources, with the factory in Zwickau, Germany, already being supplied by renewables.

The brand notes unavoidable emissions in the manufacturing process are offset by investments in certified climate projects and expects during the manufacturing phase alone, the carbon footprint of the car will be improved by more than a million tonnes each year than if traditional methods were employed.

This is roughly the climate impact of a coal-fired power station supplying 300,000 households.

Volkswagen says it is committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and plans to offer more than 20 fully electric models by 2025.

Thomas Ulbrich, the Volkswagen Board Member responsible for e-mobility, said: “Climate change is the greatest challenge of our times.

“As the world’s largest car manufacturer, Volkswagen is assuming responsibility: The new ID. will be the Group’s first climate-neutrally produced electric car.”

Source: Energy Live News