Westfield Shopping Centers Throughout Australia Get 40 New ChargePoint EV Charging Bays

Photo-illustration: Pixabay

The popular Westfield shopping center network in Australia is now home to 40 new ChargePoint electric vehicle charging bays (spread across 10 different locations), thanks to a new partnership with BMW Australia. The 10 Westfield sites are spread throughout Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Commenting on the matter, Richard Kelleway, CEO of Visionstream (the operator of the Australian arm of Chargepoint), stated: “As the number of charging stations grows, it becomes easier for individuals and businesses to choose to drive electric… This should make people sit up and take notice of the EV (electric vehicle) movement. If businesses and organizations want to attract EV drivers, they will need to provide the necessary infrastructure.”

The recent charging station buildout (all the 40 stations are now online) is expected to be expanded in the future, according to those involved — presumably, as EV usage/ownership grows.

The press release provides a bit more information: “The initiative was conceived last year as part of BMW and Westfield’s commitment to sustainability, with ChargePoint chosen as the preferred supplier. All Westfield charging stations are now in operation with a view to expand the network as EV popularity grows. The installation of the charging stations positions Westfield shopping centres as the leading shopping destinations for EV drivers.”

On a related note, there are now around 340 ChargePoint EV charging points in Australia — a decent number; though, there’s certainly room for growth.

Source: cleantechnica.com